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15th June,2018


Welcome to AFUB @30 and Join Us in Celebrating Changing What it means to Be Blind in Africa

Imagine yourself in a blindfold. Your world becomes dark; darkness surrounds everything. You stretch out your arm to feel for what is next to you, you move your feet and suddenly knock into some object that stops you in your tracks. You call out for help, and you now must depend on someone to take you everywhere and support you to do everything. For millions of blind and partially sighted persons on the continent this means a world of darkness everyday and for the rest of their lives. The African Union of the Blind (AFUB) works to change what it means to be blind in Africa by supporting blind and partially sighted persons to live independent lives.

There are 1.2 billion people on the African continent. It is estimated that 8 million of them are blind and over 24 million have significant low vision conditions that cannot be corrected, cured or treated by conventional refraction, medicine or surgery. Numbers continue to show that more than 90% of blind and partially sighted persons on the continent do not have an education or a decent employment resulting to reduced access to opportunity in society. Furthermore, new causes of blindness like ageing are emerging increasing the number of people who need support to live independently and in the societies that include them. These numbers continue to show that AFUB’s niche is growing fast increasing the latter’s relevance on the continent.

AFUB was established in October 1987, in Tunis, Tunisia, under the auspices of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), now African Union (AU). The founding assembly registered an initial membership of 23 member countries. The year 2017 marked 30 years since our establishment. Through AFUB @ 30, we shall be celebrating 30 years of advocating for and empowering blind and partially sighted persons on the continent. Through our programs over the 30 years, we have established and strengthened 30 national associations/ organizations of the blind across Africa and our numerical strength currently stands at 53 member countries. We have reached millions of children, youth and women by providing them with opportunities to access inclusive education, healthcare care services, employment, better livelihoods and independent lives.

How will we do it at AFUB @ 30?

At AFUB @ 30, we shall be celebrating our successes and achievements over the past 30 years and launching the ‘Endow Independence’ endowment fund that will ensure that we continue existing so that we can reach more blind and partially sighted persons in the places where they need us most. Your support is key in achieving this.

Date: 15th June 2018

Venue: Pride Inn Hotel, Westland, Nairobi, Kenya

Event: Gala Dinner

Cost of dinner: KES 5,000 or USD 50 per plate

Book your place now and join us at AFUB @ 30 by sending in your contribution through payment options provided below.

AFUB @ 30 Endow Independence Fund

During the AFUB @ 30 celebrations, we shall not only be celebrating our successes but most importantly we shall establish a fund that will ensure that our work goes on for the next 30 years starting this 2018. Our goal is to raise US$ 250,000 at the launch of the fund and grow the fund to US$ 1,000,000 over the next five years.

Would you consider our Endow Independence Fund by gifting AFUB @ 30? We count on you to donate according to the available slots below whichever that suits you:

  • Platinum USD 30,000 – 1 slot
  • Gold USD 25,000 – 3 slots
  • Silver USD 15,000 – 6 slots
  • Bronze USD 5,000 – 12 slots

You can either donate online on our website, pay via Safaricom Mobile Money Playbill No. 658662 and enter AFRICAN UNION OF THE BLIND as the account name or issue a cheque in our name of AFRICAN UNION OF THE BLIND. You can also contact Dandy Mubima our Fundraising and Communications Officer at dandy@afub-uafa.org or info@afub-uafa.org and on +254786602783 for payment advice and for more information about event.

We thank you in advance for your generous donation!

Your contribution is greatly appreciated and will be used to ensure that AFUB continues to serve the millions of blind and partially sighted persons on the continent.

All contributions to the Endow Independence Fund will be recognized at AFUB @ 30 and will be acknowledged on our website and other communication channels!

Read more about us and our work at www.afub-uafa.org


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