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15th June,2018

AFUB is a membership organization constituted primarily by ordinary members who are national member organisations of blind and partially sighted persons in Africa. The membership is currently organised into five regions namely, Central Africa, East Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa and West Africa. Other members include international members and honorary life members.

Each region has a regional assembly that meets at least six months before the Union’s general assembly. Part of its agenda is to elect a regional chair that will later be a member of the AFUB Board.

A General Assembly consisting of delegates from the member organizations, the members of the outgoing board, international and honorary life members and observers meets every four years to review the policies and progress of the Union. In addition the General Assembly elects and confirms the President, Vice President the chairperson of the women’s committee and other members of the board for a term of four years. A special General Assembly may be called upon for special purposes.

An eight member Board of Officers meets at least once every year to transact business on behalf of the General Assembly. These consist of 5 regional representatives and the chairperson of the women’s committee out of whom a President and Vice President are elected, an Honorary Treasurer, and the Executive Director who serves as an ex-officio secretary to the Board. The board may establish subcommittees in accordance with the constitution or as it may deem expedient.

A Table of Officers consisting of the President, Vice President and the Executive Director meets and consults regularly to review progress in implementing the policies of the Board and to make executive decisions.

A Secretariat headed by the Executive Director implements the policies and programs of the union.


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