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AFUB @30: Changing what it means to Blind in Africa Poem

The difference in me is clear;
I have a mission: to build the capacity of my members
And create unity of purpose among them;
My road is not an easy one; and that is no lie

Looking back at the millions of lives positively impacted
The 53 member countries that are now part of me;
Blind persons who now have access to education, healthcare and employment
I’d rather continue than fade out and die

Looking to the future, I like what I see;
A continent where blind and partially sighted persons enjoy
Equal rights, social inclusion and full participation in development
So now, I am certain of a good life ahead

Of course there are challenges ahead, for life is no simple pastime
But I still have my members, I still have my partners, I still have my staff
Yes, I also still have my manners, to say Thank you to you all
And please continue supporting my work

So as I continue on this road I am on,
I count the years…
I am thirty years now,
Yes, 30 years have gone by…

I am the African Union of the Blind, AFUB
The difference in me is clear;
I make a difference in the lives of blind and partially sighted Africans

So as I travel on the road to realizing my vision,
I shall not forget my past,
But I shall look to the future.

By Dandy Mubima


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